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Download Unravel for Macbook and iMac

Unravel is a puzzle platform video game developed by Coldwood Interactive and published by Electronic Arts. Unravel has been released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. The main plot of the game is it centres on Yarny, a small anthropomorphic creature made of yarn whom the player navigates through the environment, utilizing the unraveling yarn which makes up Yarny to solve puzzles, avoid dangerous creatures, and traverse obstacles.

Unravel For Macbook and iMac centers around its protagonist, Yarny, a small, apple-sized creature made of red yarn. As the new Puzzle game Unravel for mac OS its a new type of a puzzle adventure game where players control Yarny as he explores the world around him that makes small everyday things look large due to his small size. By using the yarn his body is made of, Yarny creates rope to form bridges, pull things, and swing from items. His yarn is the main medium used to solve complex puzzles.

As Yarny moves, the twine which he is made of unravels, creating lines that the player must use to solve puzzles to progress through the game. It also serves as an extra challenge, because if he walks too far, he will unravel into a basic frame. This frame can be refilled by interacting with balls of red yarn in the game. On this mechanic, Sahlin has stated, “It’s always fun to play with physics. It’s not just about solving puzzles. It’s also a big part of how you move. Sometimes it’s just traversing, navigating. Since you always leave this trail behind you, you can always grab it and climb on it and swing on it. You can do these really cool things when you combine stuff.”

As for the Story of Unravel for Macbook and iMac it starts with an old woman seen looking out of her window, before she adjusts a picture of a baby and picking up a ball of yarn. As she proceeds upstairs, a lone ball of yarn rolls out of shot. Yarny, an anthropomorphic creature made of red yarn, and the game’s protagonist, then walks into shot, and is visibly staring around in wonder of his environment. Through various picture frames in the house, Yarny can visit environments that were significant in the house owners’ lives, and discover their memories about the places; the initial memories are happy, such as visiting the sea shore, or hiking in the mountains, but eventually darker memories are revealed: the rural forest area is industrialized, which in turn causes accidents with toxic waste, and people start moving to the city. A memory also reveals that the old woman’s husband passed away from a heart attack.

Get a copy of Unravel for Macbook and iMac now and get many more packages like new soundtracks, a hidden storyline, more incredible puzzles. So, download the Unravel for mac OS and enjoy the game with and incredible story by solving interesting puzzles.


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